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What is Happening In Karamoja Is Not War, It only Needs Intelligence – Museveni

President Museveni has said the state that is in Karamoja currently is not a war, it is something that needs intelligence. The president was meeting security chiefs in charge of Lango and East Acholi sub-regions at Barlege State Lodge in Otuke district. The discussion was revolving around the re-insurgency of cattle rustling that is now becoming commercialized and carried out by karachunas from Karamoja.

The president advised security Officials to cooperate and coordinate together to deal with this situation.

“Coordinate with each other. In security, you must coordinate horizontally and vertically, that is the only way you can effectively provide a service. Blind deployment is tiring soldiers and costs more for nothing. This is not war, it is an intelligence-led operation,” he said.

The president advised police to use government systems to fight crime. According to him, it’s better than pushing for more manpower. He says manpower is very expensive to sustain compared to using government systems.

“I challenge you to check the size of the force at independence! The size of Uganda has not changed. The Uganda you are looking after is the same one handed over at Independence. They were managing huge areas with small numbers. What you need is to plan and to use government systems like the chiefs.”

Meanwhile, by the end of the meeting, the two parties agreed on improving security and resolving the issue of daily cattle markets which should be monthly now among others.

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