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Will Arrest You Soon, Gen Saleh Warns People Announcing him Dead

The chief coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation Programme (OWC), Gen Salim Saleh, has scoffed at individuals he accused of spreading false information that he had passed on
Gen Saleh advised people to find solutions to the different challenges targeting better livelihood instead of discussing his health.

“Some people have announced me dead but I am here in Nakaseke [District] talking to my people. Tell those that are spreading the false rumours that we have seen Saleh working and mobilising people to get better through engaging in development projects,” he said on Sunday while at Our Lady Consolata Kapeeka Church on Sunday.

Gen Saleh also rallied the Christians to use the Parish Development Model (PDM) Saccos, where government will channel the funds for different farm enterprises.

“I have come to thank God that we are alive and progressing as people of Kapeeka Sub-county. Throughout my life journey, I have made several recommendations to the government. The PDM was among some of the recommendations that I made years back. It is good that the government is finally acting on this recommendation,” he said.

“When you visit the industrial complex and tour the more than 30 industries, Kapeeka will never be the same. We shall complete the construction works for Our Lady Consolata Kapeeka Church soon,” he added.

The parish model will be rolled out in 10,694 parishes (with a population size ranging from 450 to 30,000 people) and will receive Shs100m each. From this, each household is expected to get Shs1m to kick start the project that the beneficiaries would have chosen to engage in.

Women and youth will each be entitled to 30 percent of the Shs100m at every parish level while men will settle for 20 percent.
The State Minister for Kampala, Mr Kabuye Kyofatogabye, called for proper upbringing of children because they are the future foundation pillars of a strong nation.

“Today we have witnessed more than 100 children confirmed into Christianity at Our Lady Consolata Kapeeka Church . As parents, we have the obligation to instil discipline and support our culture that honours and respects everybody. Those announcing Gen Saleh dead are a result of indiscipline and poor upbringing,” he said.

“We want Kapeeka to become a model in development. We should not only look at the industrial park but ensure that our schools, and health units, among other infrastructure, deliver the required output,” Mr Kyofatogabye added.

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