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You Accused Amin and Obote Of The Same Things You Are Doing – Bobi Wine To Museveni

You Accused Amin and Obote Of The Same Things You Are Doing – Bobi Wine To Museveni

Bobi Wine has accused President Museveni of doing the same things he accused former presidents, Idi Amin and Milton Obote of doing as he was taking over power. He says everything he fought against is what he stands for right now.

“Museveni built his hate campaign against Amin and Obote accusing them of tribalism, sectarianism and nepotism. Since then, he accuses all his challengers of the same vices. Yet, he practices them OPENLY. When we call him out, a small clique of beneficiaries get uncomfortable.”
Bobi Wine was quoting a book, Mission To Freedom, Uganda Resistance News, 1981-1985, pages 52-54.

In this part of the book, James Tumusiime the author of this book was pointing out the failures of Obote in relation to judicial system.
Tumusiime was an NRA advocate so it is believed that whatever he was writing was actually the heart of Museveni.

Bobi Wine, however said unlike Museveni, they are fighting for equality.
“As I have repeatedly said, ours is a struggle for fairness and justice. It’s a struggle for equal opportunities for all Ugandans regardless of gender, religion or ethnic origin.

It’s a struggle for inclusive economic development. A struggle against cronyism and kleptocratic rule,” Bobi Wine.

Meanwhile, some of the people on social media said he has no right to say this because it’s exactly what happens in NUP.
“A struggle for fairness🤣🤣🤣🤣
You can only tell those who don’t see how affairs are managed in NUP. It shows clearly which kind of President you would make,” a one Gumisiriza.

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