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You are also a ‘damage’ – Netizens tell Prima Kardashi after attack on Bruno K

Netizens are unhappy with Prima Kardashi’s classing of women whom she referred to as “damage” while commenting about Bruno K and Vanessa’s child neglect saga.
Through Facebook, Goesteady’s ex-lover Prima Kardashi launched an attack on Bruno K who was recently accused by Vanessa Kirabo Atuhaire of being a negligent father to their child.

In her post, Prima mocked Bruno K and other men who leave “classy women” because they cannot afford them and fall for the other class of women whom she referred to as “damage.”
“Abasajja be uganda alekawo abawala class ze nalya damage mbu atya okutekamu sente U bali bawaka mu dakika 3. Kati can u imagine Current woman ekiswalo kyawulira,”Prima wrote.

Her comments seem to have provoked netizens to retaliate by giving her a taste of her medicine.
Several have referred to her as worse damage as they call her out for always demeaning fellow women and being toxic towards the men in the industry.
“Look at the person abusing fellow women as damages, if it wasn’t for makeup and filters, she would be looking like a refused sacrifice,” Lincoln Draws commented on Twitter.

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