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“You are my hero, I love you so much Diamond Platnumz!” your love Zuchu

Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu are officially dating, I mean it’s out there, everybody can see this to be the actual truth, no more subliminal or hush hush, cryptic posts, it’s out there.

After sharing many intimate scenes and denial streaks, the two lovers are not hiding anymore that they are more than business partners.

Diamond Platnumz is Zuchu’s hero for many reasons, a whole lot of reasons but first and foremost, of course, he is an incredible musician.

His music is not only catchy and enjoyable to listen to, but it also has a message that resonates with most of us even those who don’t understand the Swahili language (which most of his songs are released under).

He often sings about important real-life situations such as love, family, and friendship. In addition, he is a great role model.

Above everything else you know about the singer, he doesn’t forget where he comes from, and his humble beginnings and he is always respectful and humble, no matter how successful he becomes.

Zuchu loves Diamond Platnumz because he brings so much happiness into her life.

His music always puts a smile on not only my face, no matter what mood I’m in but I bet it does the same to Zuchu, the records might sound more of a serenade to Zuchu as compared to the way we, his fans listen to his music.

She also appreciates how he is a great role model for young people. He always shows respect for others and is always humble and grateful for his success.

Diamond Platnumz is also very philanthropic and loves to see people around him win in more ways than one, and often gives back to his community.

Among the many qualities that Simba possesses, Zuchu believes that he is a truly good person and lovable.

“This week we commemorate and celebrate the reborn of the gifted, creative, loving, talented, and humble girl that Tanzania has been blessed with @officialzuchu,” Diamond Platnumz gushed in part on social media.

“Thank you for continue making Wasafi, Swahilis, Women and the whole African continent proud…ni faraja kuona ulipoanzia hadi sasa kufikia kuwa miongoni wa Icons kwenye Bara la Africa.

Siku zote kumbuka, kila kazi ina mitihani na changamoto zake….jitahidi kuipokea kila inapokuja na kutafta njia sahihi ya kuishinda, maana tafsiri sahihi ya mtihani ni Kupanda daraja baada ya kufauru…Mwenyez Mungu akupe baraka na akulinde katika Maisha na safari yako hii ya kuchangia kuonesha Dunia kua WaAfrica tumebarikiwa kipaji kias gani… Remember Lion Loves you always 🌹❤️🎂🍾.” Diamond Platnumz concluded his lengthy appreciation post to Zuchu.

Zuchu wasn’t left behind to express her emotions to the love of her life by admitting that she’s very appreciative and happy and privileged to have met up with Diamond Platnumz who changed her life for the better because she’s a new person now that she aligned herself with Diamond Platnumz, her boss, her boyfriend, her everything.

“@diamondplatnumz ❤️ thank you for everything. you are my favorite person. Thank you so much May Allah keep you happy and healthy for all of us .you are just so important and I am always going to scream it to the world that you are My Hero .love you so much #NASHNASH,” Zuchu responded to Diamond Platnumz’s post.

Are these two lovebirds cute together or what!

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