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You have changed me, Zari praises boyfriend Shakib Lutaaya

Zarinah Hassan, commonly known as Zari is celebrating her new looks and she has her boyfriend Shakib Lutaaya to thank for it.

In a TikTok video posted on Tuesday, the socialite takes jabs at critics and celebrates the peace of mind that has led to her gaining some weight and she attributes it to romance with Lutaaya.

“I’m starting to grow big. I see the cheek. I have given myself a lot of peace. Mr. Lutaaya you’re giving me a lot of peace, because, people, let me tell you about peace of mind, let me tell you about peace of mind, that one, no matter what you do, you grow big, even when you are not eating,” she said.

“Mr. Lutaaya whatever you are doing, add more. Add me another dose, whatever you are doing because they are working, they are working. Even those bewitching are frustrated, they need a refund. I still have my peace, go and ask for a refund.”

Zari, 41, has oscillated between the offensive and defensive since she started hooking up with Lutaaya, 30, as criticism continues to mount because many believe her boyfriend is way younger than her and suitable to be her son.

Most people thought Shakib Lutaaya, who on some occasions is subtly bossed around by Zari in public spaces, was in his twenties, but Zari, tired of being looked at as a cougar taking advantage of a toyboy, decided to reveal their ages.

She has also recorded videos saying her age won’t affect her relationship because it is what her boyfriend wants.

First of all, Lutaaya is not the first man below her age that she has dated. One of her most publicised relationships is with the Tanzanian singer Nasibu Abdul Juma Issack, popularly known by his stage name Diamond Platnumz, with whom they have two children. Platinumz is 32, just two years senior to Lutaaya.

There are also many women in the show business world here in Uganda that have dated and even had children with men younger than them. For instance, Anne Kansiime and her baby daddy, Abraham Tukahiirwa alias Skylanta; Prima Kadarshi and Mr Henrie, Lucky Mbabazi and Patrick Kanyomozi, among others.

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