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Youth Shouldn’t Smoke Weed, it almost ruined my life – King Saha

It is public knowledge that musician King Saha is a weed smoker. He has gone on record several times to confess his love for weed.

But he doesn’t encourage the youth to follow in his footsteps because the green leaves are harmful to the body.

” I encourage the youth not to use drugs. I don’t support anyone smoking weed because drugs are dangerous to one’s health. I would call upon the youth to just embrace the saving culture,” he partly said in an interview with local television.

In 2019, King Saha locked horns with Bebe Cool over different opinions on weed smoking.
When Bebe Cool released his list of the top performers of 2019, he warned  King Saha to stop smoking weed because it had weakened him musically despite being talented.

King Saha retaliated with verbal artillery against him on his social media platforms. He called Bebe Cool all sorts of names.

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