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Zakayo and Matayo: Pallaso joins the Bebe Cool, King Saha beef

In his new song dubbed “Zakayo and Matayo”, Pallaso warns Zakayo to give his wife extra care or he risks losing her to Matayo.
For years, King Saha has been at loggerheads with Bebe Cool. A few weeks ago, he released a song dubbed “Zakayo” hitting at the Gagamel boss.

Bebe Cool’s son Allan Hendrik Ssali a few weeks later as well hit studio and recorded a song dubbed “Matayo” hitting at King Saha.
Today, Pallaso has released his latest song titled “Zakayo and Matayo”. He says the song explains the differences between two former friends.

“This song explains everyday differences we go through between two friends that break up because of betrayal mostly,” Pallaso notes.
Listening to the lyrics, however, you’re forced to think it is a hard-hitting track directed to his nemesis Bebe Cool.

Pallaso questions why Zakayo is always involved in childish beef situations even those that do not concern him at all.
He then asks Zakayo to spend more time caring for his wife instead of abusing her because Matayo does all the good things for her.

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