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Zex Bilangilangi, Gravity embroiled in battle of supremacy

Firebase singer Zex Bilangilangi and rapper Gravity Omutujju are not on good talking terms after comments made by the former during a recent interview.

While speaking to Galaxy FM during a recent concert, Zax Bilangilangi, real name Taddeo Mayega, was asked to comment on Gravity calling himself one of the best artistes in Uganda.
“Leave that one alone. That is a young boy. Ask me about people who have some relevance. That one is reasoning like a kid right now,” Zex noted.

“It’s like he (Gravity) doesn’t know that his career is standing on the shoulders of his elders. If you start dissing the elders, that means you’re going astray. He is confused by the hype,” he added.
Upon coming across Zex’s comments, Gravity furiously retaliated through a tweet in which he also called the Ratata singer a “young boy.”
Gravity questioned how Zex, who has one and half hit songs, gets the audacity to address him like that.

“With 1 and half hit song you still have the audacity to address my name like that? Young boy get some sense,” Gravity tweeted.
It should be noted that Bobi Wine is Zex Bilangilangi’s mentor and the man that inspired him to become the star that he is today.

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